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When making the important decision of finding new living accommodations for a loved one with memory loss, you certainly will have many questions. We want to answer all of your questions and concerns regarding Avalon Memory Care Suites. Please read some commonly asked questions below.

Is Avalon only a home for those with memory issues?

No, we are proud of what we offer to individuals with Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia but we accept residents with a variety of care needs. Please contact us to share more about your unique situation and ways we can help.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment can be made in the form of monthly cash payments. Long term care policies cover our services depending on the policy and terms. We also accept residents who are on CADI waiver. Contact us to learn more about costs and payment options that meet your needs.


What type of training has the staff received and what are the staffing ratios?

Avalon Memory Care places high importance on insuring we have dedicated nursing staff providing 24 hour care to our residents. Our staff is highly trained in dementia care and the fundamentals of memory loss with ongoing education and training required. Our staffing ratio is always based on the needs of our residents.

Are meals provided? How are they prepared? Can you accommodate special dietary needs?

We believe relationships are enhanced through family style dining with home cooked, nutritious meals in addition to having the availability to provide specific meal requirements for special dietary needs.  We make every effort to utilize fresh, in season fruits and vegetables and encourage resident and family participation in meal preparation if desired.

What are the daily activities like? How many days per week? What programs (exercise, physical therapy, social and other activities) does the facility offer?

Keeping active and engaged is part of our daily routines for the mind, body and spirit. We also know it is vital to improve memory function. Physical and social interactions are key to our residents ability to thrive. We have a robust activity calendar to allow for many opportunities of socialization and staying active.

Can my loved one remain at Avalon through the end of life, or do they have to move if their care becomes too extensive?

We know what a journey it can be as a loved one transitions in care, so we don't believe in making it twice. Residents are provided care at Avalon through the end of life unless hospitalization is required.

Do you provide hospice care services?

We provide a full spectrum of services to our residents including hospice care. We also offer hospice care for those who are not current residents based on room availability. Families that have chosen to move their loved one from the hospital to Avalon for end of life care appreciate the peaceful and flexible environment that allows for important family time together.

Still have questions?   contact us

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