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A new residential enhanced care community in the Twin Cities

How we're different

Highest quality care delivered by highly trained and experienced staff.  We know it’s not easy to trust someone else with the loving care you have provided to your family member.  This isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly and we want you to feel as comfortable as you possibly can about this transition.  You are still a vital part of your loved ones' care and we pride ourselves in creating a team of compassionate caregiving professionals with whom you and your loved one will build a relationship over time.  We take as much care in hiring this team and making sure they also feel valued and respected for the important work they are doing, as we do in caring for your loved one.


Attention to both indoor and outdoor living environments where residents have opportunities to do things they have always enjoyed like gardening, cooking, tinkering in the garage, art, music, caring for animals, bird watching, crafts, sewing, flower arranging. Tell us what your loved one loves to do and we will make every effort to accommodate them and even introduce them to things they may not have experienced before.


Healthcare your way.  Along with full-time staff, we know how important it is to have collaborative and connected healthcare and that oftentimes your loved one has several specialty physicians including neurologists, cardiologists, and other providers.  We also know you don’t have time to manage all of this care so we offer you the choice of visiting primary care providers or you can keep your current physicians and we provide transportation and medical advocates to accompany your loved one to appointments with same-day updates and seamless communication of things like medication changes, follow up appointments and outpatient therapy. 

We are happy to now be accepting residents who are on CADI waiver as well. 

Fresh and nutritious meals.  We know that food is medicine and one of the basic fundamentals of optimal health.  Creating meals and snacks that support brain and memory health is vital to preventing illness and improving overall wellbeing.  Meals are prepared fresh daily and planned based on evidence that supports healthy hearts and minds.  If your loved one wants to participate in the preparation or cook their own favorite dish, they are welcome to do so.  You are always welcome to join us for meals as well.


Guest accommodations.  If you are traveling a distance to visit your loved one, you have a place to stay at Avalon.  We are putting our money where our mouth is when it comes to our commitment to family involvement because it’s just the right thing to do.  You are welcome to stay on-site in the guest room to spend as much time as you want with your loved one and get to know our staff. Our door is always open and you are very welcome.

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