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A New Residential Care Home in Minnetonka

1 trained staff member to every 3 residents  

6 Private Suites

Large, secure outdoor space


Now accepting CADI waiver!

Avalon is doing something different.  We believe everyone deserves to maintain the highest level of independence for as long as they possibly can. We also know this can be a challenge when our loved ones are experiencing challenges such as memory loss or other cognitive and physical disabilities.  It is challenging but still possible if you’re focused on personal needs and individual care.  

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Whole Person Care


Optimizing memory and brain health is one of our highest priorities.  We implement proven strategies to create an environment where your loved one with dementia can thrive.


We know that movement and continuing the activities someone has always enjoyed, is crucial to overall health and wellness.  We offer a secure outdoor space where residents can participate in activities they have always enjoyed or even discover something new.


Feeling safe, secure and cared for is essential to  wellbeing.  What promotes this feeling is unique for everyone so we create a personal plan for each resident that includes the things that makes them feel as content as possible.

Tips and  Guidance

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